George el Greco Interiors at a first look bear no distinctive stamp, as he totally dislikes repeating oneself, no matter how successful the “recipe” is, he says, yet each and every single project, each and every space tells its own true story. Each and every unique project is individually conceived and meticulously crafted like a gentleman’s suit made sur mesure or a lady’s haute couture dress from the very first moment.

Projects are influenced by the geographical location and architectural style, the client’s life and lifestyle, the client’s personality, their family status, the way they dress, their body types, their heirlooms, their work, their travels, their own art, furniture and objects and their dreams and wishes, their needs and desires, their homes.

Each and every project is embraced with the same love and excitement, passion and devotion, respect and responsibility, with seriousness and sensitivity, with great care, with intuition and also with a very focused vision, with an open heart, an eagle’s eye down to the very last detail, and a bit of magic, a synergetic relationship with everything around, a beautiful orchestrated dance, an alchemy.

I truly believe that all this ingredients need to work together in order to achieve an effortless flow of rhythm and movement, with harmony and balance, with an intuitive vision and an inspiring creativity, with an amorous relationship of the past and the present, the classic and the modern, the old and the new, the noble and the humble, the complex with the simple.

The rooms are neither of this moment, of the latest trend, the colours of the season, this pattern and this material, or that. They are timeless.

They have the same approach to what the words and the meaning of beauty, simplicity, finesse, elegance, style, comfort, presence and depth, and what has always been a process as normal as breathing is to all the stylish and wonderfully creative people all over the world.

Each and every space inside the space is a meditative understatement, a serene and deeply elegant atmosphere, but they are not afraid to be bold or daring.

There are no rules when it comes to creating a home, but from the very first moment and for ever there should be disciplines and thoughtfulness together with a great vision and a strong and firm “filter”. The importance of what goes in is exactly the same with what stays out.

Relationships are essential to El Greco’s work:
The relationship between the client and himself, the relationship between the house, the client and the designer, the relationship with the architectural style of the house, the relationship to both the inner and outer spaces, and also the geographical location, the climate, the light and darkness, the cultural influences, together with the relationship with the long and rich history of design.

El Greco concludes, "It remains my goal to amaze, to delight and seduce, to be subtle, to be inventive, to be authentic, and most importantly, to help my clients relax and be inspired, to dream and to be content, to enjoy and to nurture, to mature and age gracefully.

That is the real power of a beautifully and thoughtfully designed space, a space that will grow and mature over time into a wonderful home, in the same way and with the same manners and rituals that its inhabitants will.

My wish and my desire is to offer people the gift of the art of good living.

Proper, as old as the hills, beautiful, classic, elegant, great, simple, noble, quality, comfortable, sensual, atmospheric timeless interiors.