Beauty, Proportions, Balance, Symmetry, Location, Architecture, Form, Light, Simplicity, Complexity, History Flow, Depth, Nobility, Craftsmanship, Quality, Atmosphere, Serenity, Sensuality, Elegance, Sophistication Original, Unique, Authentic, Timeless, Cultivated, Evolved, Comfort, physical, visual, mental and emotional.

My passion and affection together with my sincere admiration and appreciation and my long and lasting love affair with all the different influences in my work started from a very young age initially from my family in Greece and later with through the family travels in Italy and in France.

I would say that my education started at the age of 4 when I was very often visiting my grandfather’s atelier.

My grandfather, George, was one of the oldest and the best tailor in Greece, and I remember my self playing around and touching all the fabrics, the Dormeuil super fine wools, the cashmere, the linens, the cottons, the poplin, the silks, watching him masterfully cutting with amazing precision each fabric, using the patterns and his geometric tools and creating these wonderful suits for all the famous clientele who visited him, observing his 14 workers hand sawing each garment with love and total devotion to their craft.

Over the time through my school studies, through lesson of the history of design, of fashion, through readings, through magazines such as the Architectural Digest and the American Elle Décor, the French Vogue, and later through my college studies in London and in Paris and through extended traveling all over the world by visiting Museums, Galleries, Boutiques, Stores, Bookshops, Flea Markets, Churches, Places of Worship, Gardens, Auction Houses, Design Studios, or simply by walking in the streets and enjoying, appreciating, observing, studying and analysing all the magnificent Architectural marvels of the world or by seating in a café or in a restaurant like a flaneur and observing everything beautiful, everything wonderfully composed, everything different, everything with a personality, everything with great style.

I have managed to acquire deep knowledge of a very wide spectrum of styles, periods, eras and architectural movements , from the Ancient Greek, the Roman Empire, English Regency, French Directoire, Asian, Indian Colonial, the Chinese and Japanese empires, India and Morocco, the Oriental, the Spanish Colonial, Old World Hollywood, Greek Revival, Mediterranean, Chinoiserie, American 1900s-1930s, and also the relaxed style from California, the Hamptons, the Mediterranean Islands, have been over the course of my life organically enmeshed into a cultivated expression, an evolution in the understanding of the relationship between the visual and the senses, the intellect and the space, the light and the mood, the people and the environment, the old and the new, the antique with the modern, the humble and the precious, the simple with the complex, the bespoke, the highly tailored and the relaxed, the exquisitely crafted and the artisan, the masculine and the feminine, the soft and the hard, the open and the airy with the dark and the secluded, all the elements that form what we call life.